Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do laundry as per the weight. We do weigh your cloths from the warehouse and charge as per the weight. We consider 1 Kg as one unit i.e 7.2 Kg will be charges as per 8 Kg.

We work on a 48Hrs turnaround time, which means we pickup today, we will deliver day after tomorrow. If you need a quick laundry next day you will have to pay 50% extra of the bill amount.

All the pickup and delivery will be charged  AED 10 

No, we do not accept curtains and carpets

  1. The laundry will be delivered in 48Hrs
  2. 1 KG will be counted as a unit
  3. A delivery charge of AED 10 will be charged
  4. Carpets & Curtains are not accepted
  5. Folding service in will be charged AED .20/piece